Hi, I’m Mordechai, a writer and former physicist. That’s my face, there. You can find samples of my writing and other such-and-such, below. For my statement of ethics, see here. Reach me at: mrorvig (at) gmail (dot) com

current roles

  • Senior Science Writer | Georgia Tech (2021 – Present)
  • Science Journalist | Freelance (2019 – Present)

selected experience

  • Technical Writer | MathWorks (2016 – 2019)
  • Graduate Research Assistant | University of Wisconsin (2009 – 2014)


  • M.S., Physics | University of Wisconsin (2014)
  • B.S., Mathematics | University of Texas (2009)
  • Diploma | Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (2004)

science features

science news


Note: I authored the following documentation pages for the MATLAB Coder™ product while employed at MathWorks. The documentation and software are subject to frequent revision, and may have been modified since I left the company.

academic writing

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