Hey. I’m Mordechai, a writer and former physicist. That’s my face, there. My writing has appeared at Quanta, New Scientist, Vice, Symmetry, Astronomy, Inverse, and other outlets. You can find links to my work and other such-and-such, below. For my statement of ethics, see here. Reach me at: mrorvig (at) gmail (dot) com. Always happy to hear from readers.

current roles

  • Science Journalist | Freelance (2019 – Present)

selected experience

  • Senior Science Writer | Georgia Tech (2021)
  • Technical Writer | MathWorks (2016 – 2019)
  • Graduate Research Assistant | University of Wisconsin (2009 – 2014)


  • M.S., Physics | University of Wisconsin (2014)
  • B.S., Mathematics | University of Texas (2009)
  • Diploma | Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science (2004)

science features

science news


Note: I authored the following documentation pages for the MATLAB Coder™ product while employed at MathWorks. The documentation and software are subject to frequent revision, and may have been modified since I left the company.

academic writing

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